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To Make Reservations Before Arriving


THE BIG PLAYHOUSE The Best Birthday Party Place for Toddlers in Bergen County New Jersey! We know how to make a kid's birthday party special, since we work with you to bring your child's special day a reality by paying attention to detail.

There’s no limit to the types of kids’ fun your child’s birthday party can include since we have an event planner onsite to help you personalize your child's party. You can have your child's party as simple as you wish; or as extravagant as you wish! There’s lots of room for imaginative play and adding extra excitement to your child’s birthday party from visits from our Princesses and Character Mascot!

For more information, text us at 201-314-6341, your full name, email address and the date you wish to have your party. We will send you information as soon as possible! THE BIG PLAYHOUSE private parties are like home away from home!

Our Private Party Suite is designed to accommodate up to 20 kids ( if you need more than 20 kids to attend, please us know at booking time) personalized birthday parties in a comfortable environment.






When are birthday parties held? 

Private events are held on Saturdays and Sundays. Friday evening parties may be available with advance notice and the availability of the party room.

There is a minimum of 12 children for weekend parties. All basic packages include 12 children and can add up to 30 children. Must let us know at booking for over 20 kids.

How Many?

What are the maximum number of children at a party?

For smaller parties, we offer a mini package for up to 10 children that allows private use of our party room (TUESDAYS-THURSDAYS BETWEEN 3:30PM-5:30PM OR 4PM-6PM OR 430PM-630PM.

All basic packages include 10 children and can add up to 30 children. Must let us know at booking for over 20 kids.


How long is each party?

Each party is either 2 hours long. Extra time can be added UPON BOOKING. Upon arrival, the children and adults are checked in, remove their shoes, and enter the playspace for open play, special events and partying!


Are there extras that can be added to parties?

Absolutely! We have a            very extensive list of characters and Princesses. Also face painters and Balloon Artists, you name it, we can point you in the right direction.


What themes do you offer?

We are proud to offer our assistance in any theme you would like! We offer personalize consultation to help achieve any theme that you would like; including: pirate, princess, super hero, trains and cars. And of course most popular character theme parties.


What is your cancellation policy?

A $200 non-refundable deposit is required to book every party or private event.We also require a $150 security deposit for any damages, of course if your party is cancelled, this security deposit will be returned. Otherwise the non-refundable deposit and security deposit (if no damages occurred during your party) will be subtracted from your balance. Upon paying the deposit, you agree to the terms and conditions of the THE BIG PLAYHOUSE party agreements.

Outside Food?

Is outside food allowed for adults?

Pizzas can be purchased for kids and adult guests and added to your invoice. THE BIG PLAYHOUSE also offers a catering menu from a few of our neighboring restaurants.  THE BIG PLAYHOUSE is a *NUT FREE FACILITY* therefore outside foods must not contain any nuts whatsoever.


Are children allowed to be dropped off for birthday parties and private events?

A responsible adult must accompany and supervise every child during birthday parties, private events, special events and open play. THE BIG PLAYHOUSE will assume no responsibility for unsupervised children attending any visits.


Call us at 201.314.6341 or text us your full name, email address and date of party for availability and additional questions. We will email you more information regarding pricing and other important information.

We do Birthday Party Tours Tuesdays-Fridays between 10am-1pm, must make reservations in-advance for all tours.         


* Please do not forget to wear socks

* No gum and no strollers allowed

* Please park in our Private Lot located directly behind our building

(Not in the lot located on the side of the building)



We look forward to making your child’s birthday party a truly special experience!

TEXT THE BIG PLAYHOUSE with your full name, email address, date of party, child first name and age at  201-314-6341 for more information.









Dear Larine

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for how wonderful and amazing today was for my daughter Antonia. Everything was perfect and I was so impressed with your organization and how detail oriented you are. You run a fantastic, imaginative play space and you are creating many wonderful memories for many children. There should be more people like you with your dedication to bring back imaginative play for children. You truly are a light !!!

Thanks again! I love hearing about how you are expanding your horizons. Your perseverance is inspirational!! You are a wonderful and strong role model for young girls.



"We had a birthday party for our children at The Big Playhouse this past weekend.  In past years, we chose children's gyms, child entertainers, and parties at our house; but those did not compare to our experience at The Big Playhouse.  While the children's gym offered us two staff members on our party day, the Big Playhouse offered us many staff members plus the owner.  The staff's attention to detail and organization amazed me.  We dropped off bags of our supplies ahead of time, and did not need to do anything else.  They used our supplies and some of their supplies to decorate everything better than I could have done myself.  My children had never seen the Playhouse prior to their party day.  When they walked in and saw all of the rooms of toys, they looked like they had entered toy paradise.  The look on their faces made me feel assured that the investment was well worth it.  Our guests had a blast, both children and adults.  The Playhouse keeps kids so happy and busy that parents can actually take a breath and enjoy themselves as well.  While parents spent carefree time mingling in the classy "cafe area" that the staff set up in the middle of the playhouse (complete with elegant café tables and chairs), their children stayed happily occupied in the toddler-safe play areas.  Staff members walked around with trays of coffee to pass around to the adults, making the parents feel very much at home.  The cost is pricey, but completely worth it.  I have read other reviews, which mostly rave about the Playhouse.  Yes, everyone has to take off their shoes when they walk in, and staff members enforce this rule in a friendly way.  Without this rule, the Playhouse would not be so immaculately clean.  Our socks didn't even look dirty at all when we went home, after walking all around the playhouse for two hours!  One reviewer claimed that staff was disrespectful, but this was not our experience at all.  In fact, our experience was the opposite.  Staff bent over backwards for us and our children, in a very respectful, professional and friendly way.  In summary, if you are looking for a stress-free birthday party for your child, one that allows children to have a blast and parents to relax, and one that is unique and classy, I highly recommend that you check out the Playhouse."

Tessa F.




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I had the pleasure of attending a tea party for toddlers here the other weekend. The owner is a complete professional. She was tasked with setting up a tea party for 20 kids, candy stations and lots of decorations.  Her staff was ready, willing and able to assist all guests the entire time. Although she was prepared and efficiently staffed, some guests were late and our time frame shifted. The owner remained calm and patient with all guests. And, all children and parents thoroughly enjoyed the space and diverse set of activities at the Big Playhouse.
Space: Great with several activities to keep the babies busy (no shoes allowed)
Owner & Staff: Creative, ready, willing and able


Kathleen Greaney reviewed The BIG Playhouse5 star
16 hrs ·


Had my daughter's 4th birthday party here and everyone including the parents loved it! Ariel also arrived for a visit and it was phenomenal -- she sang, read a book and did glitter tattoos and took lots of pics -- as I told my hubby -- this will be hard to top -- may just need to go back for her 5th! Everything was flawless!








* Please do not forget to wear socks

* No gum and no strollers allowed

* Please park in our Private Lot located directly behind our building

(Not in the lot located on the side of the building)



316 Kinderkamack Road,
Westwood New Jersey 07675
CALL OR TEXT 201-314-6341
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Your Child’s Birthday Party at THE BIG PLAYHOUSE!

 Click Here to Book Open Play

THE BIG PLAYHOUSE is the perfect place to host your child's Birthday Party! We know how to make a kids birthday party special, since we offer so many different types of kids’  exciting theme attractions, here at our indoor play center.

There’s no limit to the types of kids’ fun your child’s birthday party can include since we have an event planner onsite to help you personalize your child's party. There are so many different options of what to do, what to play, and where to go. There’s lots of room for imaginative play, adding extra excitement to your child’s birthday party!

Our event planner will contact you to ask about your child’s favorite things, and suggest lots of creative ways to personalize your child’s birthday party, such as have special characters attend the event.  We work with you to personalize lots of elements of your child’s amazing birthday celebration at THE BIG PLAYHOUSE and our parties are very affordable.

Our Private Party Suite is designed to accommodate small or large personalized birthday parties and group events in a comfortable environment.

Here are some extra details to help you plan your child’s birthday party here at exciting THE BIG PLAYHOUSE:
  • We require a $200 non-refundable deposit upon reservation
  • Prices do not include tax or tipping of party planner (15% is added to final bill for tipping).
  • Adults are free.
  • We will arrange for all outside food or beverage catered or you can.
  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and cash as payment.
  • No personal checks will be accepted.
  • Reservations can be made in person or over the phone.
  • Party parents need to check in 15 minutes before party time
  • Everyone are required to wear socks.
  • Please no PINATAs OR Bubbles allowed.
  • At Private Birthday Parties, stenos or any other heating devices for your food are not allowed.
  • No PINATAs are allowed.

We look forward to making your child’s birthday party a truly special experience!

Visit THE BIG PLAYHOUSE and speak to one of our EVENT PLANNERS for more information.

Become A Memberand save on all events!!



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